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東方文華集 ~ Aya's Bauhinia Anthology (wāpuro: Touhou Bunkashuu; Jyutping: dung1 fong1 man4 waa4 zaap*2) is a doujin/indie music album containing unofficial fan music of Touhou Project, public domain music arrangements, and an original track. It is Tangent's (Tangentg's) 3rd album, released on 31st Oct 2019, and is a compilation of music Tangent has posted to their SoundCloud and Youtube. Touhou Project is a series of mainly danmaku shooter games created by Team Shanghai Alice, whose sole member ZUN has composed the official Touhou music tracks.

Official links to listen/download can be found at the bottom. Some of the tracks are actually not new at the time of the album's release, but they were just released altogether with the newer tracks.

Album name

"東方文華集" follows the standard of Touhou works, featuring "東方" (Touhou) at the beginning, followed by 3 Chinese characters (or "kanji" in Japanese). "文" is the name of the Touhou character Aya, as well as her newspaper, Bunbunmaru Shinbun (文々。新聞). "文華集" is a play on "文花帖", the title for official Touhou works starring Aya as the main character. One of the meanings of "華" is synonymous to, though less frequently used than, "花". Both kanji share Japanese pronunciations in both on'yomi and kun'yomi: ke/ka and hana. "集" is also a rough synonym to the original "帖". The different characters were chosen to avoid name clashing.

The English name, "Aya's Bauhinia Anthology" is not only a play on the English title of the official Touhou work 東方文花帖 ~ Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, but also a translation of "文華集". While 華 does not explicitly refer to bauhinia (pronounced /boʊˈhɪniə/ or /bɔˈhɪniə/) flowers, the flower was chosen for its similar sound to "Bohemia(n)". "Archive" was changed to "Anthology".

"Anthology" reflects the various styles used in this album, as Tangent's previous 2 albums were more focused on just surf rock.


No. Track title + length Original Comment
1. Mysterious Spy 01:41 Mysterious Note Surf rock arrange of the 東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet theme.
2. Eternal Transient Reign 02:57 Eternal Transient Reign Disco-inspired arrange.
3. Ambient Castle Keep 02:51 The Exaggerated Castle Keep Ambient arrange. Note the faint crashing waves.
4. Hartmann's Dixie Rag 02:06 Hartmann's Youkai Girl, U.N. Owen was Her? Dixieland/Ragtime arrange.
5. Green-eyed Surfer (Halloween rearrange) 02:35 Green-eyed Jealousy A rearrangement of Green-eyed Surfer (previously featured in another album), inspired by the sounds of Hatsuki Yura.
6. Romance of the Apparitions 04:11 Apparitions Stalk the Night Inspired by 50s love songs/Doo-wop ballads.
7. Nitori, Cowabunga, Dudette! 03:49 Candid Friend Surf rock arrange.
8. Pure Furies/Last Remote 03:36 Pure Furies, Last Remote String synth solo.
9. Swingin' Under the Willows 02:18 Dullahan Under the Willows The second swing arrangement in a while. Has references to In the Mood and Sing Sing Sing. This time with a fully swung rhythm.
10. Swingin' Under the Willows (ver. 2) 02:18 Dullahan Under the Willows Alternative intro.
11. Piano Medley outtake - Letty 00:42 Crystallized Silver Originally intended to be in the 20-minute piano medley.
12. Amazing Grace 02:01 Released previously as the Love Letter soundtrack. This track and all tracks below are non-Touhou.
13. Greensleeves 02:45 Bossa Nova-styled arrange. Based on an early When the Saints Go Marching In performance by Tangent in secondary school.
14. Ave Maria 04:21 EDM/Strings arrangement inspired by the anime Yuri Kuma Arashi. This is based on the Ave Maria from Bach/Gounod.
15. Red River Waltz 01:47 Red River Valley
16. Minuet (Orchestral Suite No. 2) 02:24 "Flute rock", inspired by TAMusic's Violin Rock albums. Composed by J.S. Bach.
17. Deforestation Song 00:57 An original track from Tangent's dream that is meant to sound like a "generic song you learn at school".


  • The Rumia picture comes from an earlier drawing of Tangent's where she meets Yabusame Houren.
  • The other picture comes from the game Qing'e 2600, one of Tangent's Touhou 2600 games. Although the character in the "photo" is Seiga Kaku, themes associated with her are not in this album. The photo caption, unobscured, reads "クラシック弾幕パターン", meaning "Classic Danmaku Pattern", a type of attack often reused, with variations, in the older Touhou 2600 games.

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